DIY Yin Yang Tie Dye!

I’ve been rocking the tie dye since about 7th grade so when I saw this picture on pinterest I knew I had to try it!


When I went to see how to make this specific design, I saw most people did it with two different colors, which looks awesome but I wanted more of the traditional Yin Yang colors so I went to the store to get some black dye and got started!

Step One: Gather Supplies:


White shirt, gloves, fabric dye, gloves, plastic bag, squeeze bottle, rubber bands and awesome tunes 😉

Step 2: Wet the shirt


Step 3: Find the middle of the shirt


Step 4: Draw a rough outline of what you want


I used a plastic tub, you could use a plate or anything round. This is where finding the middle of the shirt comes into play, trace your round shape onto the top half of the shirt then slide it down and do the opposite side.


So that in the end you have the yin yang outline on the shirt


Step 5: Tie up the “eyes” on both sides


Step 6: Fan fold the rest of the shirt


Step 7: Tie the middle of the shirt on the fold you just created.


Step 8: fold and tie the rest of the shirt into whatever design you want


Step 9: Dye the shirt


Mix the dye inside the squeeze bottle according to the box directions

I used aluminum foil to cover the “eyes” so that no dye would get on places I didnt want.

Step 10: Let sit for 24 hours in bag.

And finally

Step 11: Rinse dye off shirt with cold water


My final product doesn’t look like the pinterest post because my design/folding was a little different and i didn’t make the fabric dye as strong, but I’m very happy with it. ^.^


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