Easy Diy My Little Pony Costume

Every year I get the task of making my nieces Halloween costumes, which usually ends up with lots of tulle and a lot of trying to make everything as perfect as I can.


Well this year, the task was MLP Rainbow dash & Twilight Sparkle.

So like any semi crafty person, I went to pinterest to try and find some Ideas.

I never just find one idea and stick to it. So this year I took these Ideas and ran with it.

I saw this post for a twilight sparkle tutu & wings that i liked.


This headband / unicorn horn that I liked.

Unicorn Horn

Then or Rainbow Dash, I found this tutu:

Rainbow Dash



Wing & Ear tutorial

But where we live, there was no way they were going to be able to wear those crocheted tops, So we had to opt out for T-shirts with cutie marks drawn on them.

This is what we ended up with!




If you have any questions; or need links, feel free to ask!





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